Bat Out of Hell

BD.com ha appena pubblicato la sinossi uffiale del nuovo film di Joe Dante (Piranha, L'ululato, Gremlins), scritto da Drew McWeeny e Scott Swan, sceneggiatori dei due episodi di Carpenter per i Masters of Horror (Pro-Life, Cigarette Burns).

As a red eye flight from Los Angeles to New York takes off, everything seems to be normal. That is until the co-pilot kills the pilot and a rouge group of coach passengers head into first class armed and ready to kill. Their claim - there are 9 passengers in the front of the plane who must die tonight. They are vampires, and our "heroes" will crash the plane if they have to in order to ensure what must be done is done. Not willing to die without fighting, the vampires unleash their fury in a battle of strength and wits six miles high, and all before the sun rises on an unknowing New York City.

Sembra molto interessante, no?

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